IBH Announces Appointment of CTO – Dr. Ilya Gluhovsky

July 31, 2020

Chicago – July 31st, 2020. Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH), a nationwide leader in behavioral and population health, announced the appointment of Dr. Ilya Gluhovsky as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Dr. Gluhovsky, who previously served as CTO of LeanTaaS, brings extensive experience as an accomplished healthcare and artificial intelligence (AI) scientist to the company. At IBH, Dr. Gluhovsky will be responsible for leading IBH’s information technology strategy and system engineering to support its product roadmap. IBH’s rapid advancements in digital healthcare and transformation of behavioral health models of care will be driven by augmenting traditional care to improve outcomes and access to care through the use of clinical data science, AI and other emerging technologies.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Gluhovsky to our senior leadership team and are excited about the transformations he will help lead at IBH,” said Dan Clark, CEO of IBH. “Dr. Gluhovsky has an exceptional track record in the industry of leading business initiatives to improve patient engagement and care by leveraging AI and data science. This expertise is paramount to our industry’s future success and to IBH as we continue to evolve our organization and advance more remote-based delivery mechanisms and technologies that will improve patient access, experience and the quality and cost of care across the US.”

Dr. Gluhovsky brings an advanced understanding of the use of data science, technology, and AI in the complex ecosystem of healthcare. These skills, complemented by his advanced engineering prowess, are critical to the company deploying advancements using natural language processing and AI to enhance and further personalize patient care. Dr. Gluhovsky will also play an essential role in overseeing the technology developments through IBH’s Dysruption Lab, which is dedicated to exploring and testing emerging technologies.

Prior to his role at LeanTaaS, Dr. Gluhovsky founded two HCIT companies focused on leveraging AI and data science to improve patient engagement and care, served as the Head of Platform and Data Engineering for Rally Health, Chief Scientist for Ancestry.com and the CTO for Digg and Sun Microsystems as well as Principal Engineer for Yahoo.

In addition to personally holding over 21 patents and having almost 20 publications in peer reviewed journals, Dr. Gluhovsky has received a number of industry awards and recognitions and has a Ph.D. in Statistics from Stanford University and Honors Degrees with Distinction in Mathematics from Purdue University.

About Uprise Health

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