Founded in 2009 as one of the LBMC Family of Companies and based in Nashville, Tennessee, CyberMaxx is a leading provider of MSSP and MDR solutions and predominately serves the healthcare industry. CyberMaxx leverages proprietary software and institutionalized healthcare expertise to target healthcare and other highly regulated industries that require specialized security solutions. With a customer-first culture, CyberMaxx’s experts provide customers 24/7/365 protection through a full suite of services including endpoint threat detection and response (MAXX EDR), network-based threat detection and prevention (MAXX NETWORK), and security information and event management (MAXX SIEM). The company also offers vulnerability risk management (MAXX VRM), incident response and risk assessment services. CyberMaxx’s solutions are designed to give customers peace of mind that their systems, infrastructure, and data are secure.

Add-on Criteria

CyberMaxx is looking for scale MSSP and MDR acquisitions.

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