MAS Medical Staffing

Founded in 2002, MAS is a leading tech-enabled medical staffing agency, primarily serving long-term care (“LTC”) facilities in the Northeast region of the U.S. With a Nurse-First approach and innovative direct-to-clinician technology platform, MAS has amassed a community of over 3,400 active nurses that can be efficiently deployed within LTC, acute, and home-based care settings for per diem and travel nursing contracts. The company’s proprietary technology platform, MAESTRA, optimizes per diem shift fulfillment by directly linking facilities and their open shifts with nurses through a dynamic service marketplace application, streamlining credentialing, communication, and payroll to provide the highest level of service for the nurses, healthcare facilities, and their patients.

Add-on Criteria

MAS is looking to acquire long-term care medical staffing agencies with a regional focus.

Periscope Lead