Periscope Equity

Periscope Equity is a Chicago-based private equity firm, which makes control investments in founder-owned technology-enabled service and software companies.


Periscope Verticals

Periscope specifically targets companies with mission-critical products and service offerings, a history of sustainable profitability and known avenues to accelerate growth. In alignment with proven management teams, Periscope provides strategic, operational and commercial expertise to drive superior investment returns.

Digital Marketing

  • Customer Experience
  • Performance & ROI Digital Agencies
  • Data Collection & Insights

Security Solutions

  • Asset Monitoring & Tracking
  • Cyber and Managed Security Services
  • Identity Management

Healthcare Technology

  • HCIT
  • Digital Health & Patient Engagement
  • Population Health

Business Process Automation

  • Digital Infrastructure & Automated Workflow
  • Compliance
  • Human Resources, Insurance & Legal – Tech
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Unified Communications

The Periscope Team



“When merging MicroMass with Strategic Pharma Solutions, Periscope’s operating experience and guidance was invaluable during the planning and execution phases of the integration. In addition, they were great supporters of the investment in our product roadmap to support more of the technology needs of our pharma clients. The deliberate integration and focus on all areas of the organization led to a period of rapid growth at the firm, culminating in a highly successful exit to a strategic buyer, which was highly beneficial for all involved.”
“Partnering with the Periscope team has been an amazing experience and better than I could have ever imagined. They are a private equity team that truly comes from an entrepreneurial background and knows how to empower and support their portfolio companies and executive teams. They have rolled up their sleeves and supported us in strategic areas but also given us the freedom to operate the business, bolster our culture, and pursue our shared vision. We’re on a great track to exceed our goals, and personally, I’m having a blast working with the Periscope team and learning new things through our shared experiences.”

Grayson Lafrenz

CEO, Power Digital Marketing

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“This is truly the next chapter in our story. From the beginning, we have set out to redefine the mobility management space, and through this partnership, we will provide enhanced offerings and further automation to provide the greatest value to our clients. It became readily apparent that Michael and Periscope brought a unique perspective and deep understanding of the market. We are grateful to join with a partner who shares a common vision on the opportunity ahead.”

Jim Johnson

CEO, Mobile Solutions

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Notable Statistics

Year Founded

Periscope was formed to make control investments in founder-owned, tech-enabled service and software opportunities.

Assets Under Management

Periscope is deploying Fund 1, which it raised in Dec. 2017

Total Investments

Periscope has executed 7 platforms and 13 add-ons.