IBH Acquires Leading Digital Health Platform – Uprise and Solidifies Position as a Population Health Leader

March 30, 2021

Chicago, March 30, 2021 – IBH (Integrated Behavioral Health, Inc.), a leader in population and digital health services, is proud to announce the acquisition of Uprise, a digital health platform delivering highly personalized care through self-guided modules, live coaching, and in-person therapy. The Uprise acquisition comes after IBH’s recent acquisition of HMC HealthWorks in December 2020, which extended IBH into chronic condition management. Not only does this recent acquisition bolster IBH’s use of data science to treat its members, it also helps deliver care to more people at a time when traditional access is limited due to the pandemic.


The Harvard Business Review reports that the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the importance of supporting those with mental health issues through technology that enables support, care, and increased capacity[1]. While engagement with standard Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) is traditionally around 4%, Uprise’s digital EAP delivers an impressive 24% engagement rate. Healthcare industry leaders like the American Medical Association are fully aware of the rapid shifts in healthcare delivery as a result of new digitally-focused platforms[2]. IBH’s investment in Uprise brings digitally-focused, leading technology to its millions of members.

“Uprise’s technology provides our members with the US’s most comprehensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based, self-guided content through a highly personalized and intuitive platform,” said Dan Clark, CEO of IBH. “We can deliver self-guided CBT, live coaching, in-person therapy, and chronic condition
management based on the specific needs and risk factors of each member. With the addition of Uprise, IBH is one of the broadest and most powerful digitally-enabled healthcare companies in the market.”

Founded by Dr. Jay Spence, Uprise’s mission is to provide the best digital tools for people to self-manage their mental health and to make accessing a professional simple and easy. “We couldn’t be happier about joining forces with IBH and becoming part of its innovative and tech-enabled health vision,” said Dr. Spence, former Founder and CEO of Uprise and current SVP of Digital Product for IBH. “We’ve been focused on providing members with proven digital resources that they can access anywhere, anytime. By amplifying our digital offering with IBH’s suite of personalized EAP products, chronic condition management, and managed behavioral health, we’re able to offer something for our members that no one else can.”

“Uprise is a critical piece of our technology roadmap focusing on the Triple Aim of improving outcomes, patient experience, and cost effectiveness. It integrates remarkably well into our clinical assessment, data, care navigation, and risk mediation capabilities,” said Dr. Ilya Gluhovsky, Chief Technology Officer at IBH. “This is just the beginning of our ambitious roadmap focusing on improved health and outcomes for our members through digital solutions.”

[1] https://hbr.org/2020/12/digital-tools-are-revolutionizing-mental-health-care-in-the-u-s
[2] https://www.ama-assn.org/practice-management/digital/3-digital-health-trends-are-transforming-patient-care

About Uprise Health

Uprise Health offers digitally-enabled employee assistance programs bolstered with personalized coaching, chronic condition management, managed behavioral health, data analytics, and substance use assessment and treatment solutions. With a focus on positive outcomes through clinically validated methods and tools, Uprise Health reduces claims and costs for organizations while improving the lives of its members. Formerly known as IBH, the Company has been providing services for over 30 years and is a Shortlister Vendor of Choice for EAP, behavioral health, return to work and substance abuse. Uprise Health provides services to millions of members representing a diverse group of employers, health plans, and partners through their credentialed network of providers across the United States.