IBH Acquires Leading West Coast EAP Provider – Claremont EAP

September 02, 2020

Chicago – September 2, 2020. Integrated Behavioral Health (“IBH”), a nationwide leader in behavioral and population health, announced its acquisition of Claremont EAP.

Headquartered in Alameda, CA, Claremont is a high-touch provider of Employee Assistance Programs (“EAP”), with a focus on both public sector and commercial employee groups. Claremont provides EAP services to approximately 140 thousand members and focuses on proactive prevention, early intervention, and practical resolution of workplace employee problems.

“As IBH has grown over the years into one of the larger and most advanced behavioral healthcare companies in the US, it’s been critical that we stay laser-focused on the nuanced needs of our customers and patients. We understand that healthcare is a local experience and that each customer deserves a partner that recognizes and delivers personalized attention with unwavering attention to quality and customer service,” said Dan Clark, CEO of IBH.

“Claremont has known the IBH team for many years and is thrilled to be joining such a forward-thinking organization. IBH’s focus on quality and additional resources, particularly in the area of digital health, is a great fit with Claremont’s hands-on approach to EAP,” said Tom Farris, President of Claremont EAP.

IBH continues to seek additional investments across Digital Therapeutics, Managed Behavioral Health & EAP, and Population Health Analytics.

About Uprise Health

Uprise Health offers digitally-enabled employee assistance programs bolstered with personalized coaching, chronic condition management, managed behavioral health, data analytics, and substance use assessment and treatment solutions. With a focus on positive outcomes through clinically validated methods and tools, Uprise Health reduces claims and costs for organizations while improving the lives of its members. Formerly known as IBH, the Company has been providing services for over 30 years and is a Shortlister Vendor of Choice for EAP, behavioral health, return to work and substance abuse. Uprise Health provides services to millions of members representing a diverse group of employers, health plans, and partners through their credentialed network of providers across the United States.